9 Homemade Foods to Improve Gut Health and Promote Hair Growth


Have you ever had those days when your hair seems to have a mind? The secret to taming the wild strains might be in your kitchen. Let's take a delightful journey through the vibrant world of Indian cuisine, uncovering not only the flavors that tantalize our taste buds but also the hidden treasures that promote gut health and boost hair growth as a fantastic bonus. 

Forget the complicated science – all you need is a plate, an appetite, and a desire to simultaneously treat your gut and your locks. Ready for a culinary adventure that satisfies your cravings and pampers your tresses? Let's delve into the magic of homemade wonders that will have you saying goodbye to hair woes and hello to radiant locks.

Curd (Yogurt)

Let's kick things off with the classic – curd. Beyond its creamy texture and delightful taste, the curd is a powerhouse of probiotics. These little warriors promote healthy gut flora, reducing inflammation and providing the perfect conditions for your hair to shine. It's simple, really – a bowl of homemade curd, a sprinkle of pink salt, and you're on your way to healthier, happier hair. It is also one of the simplest food items that help lose weight naturally.

Buttermilk (Chaas)

Buttermilk isn't just a refreshing drink to accompany your meals; it's a superhero for your gut. Loaded with probiotics and more accessible to digest than whole milk, buttermilk makes your stomach do a little happy dance. And guess what? A happy gut translates to less hair shedding and more love for your precious locks.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

You are moving on to a true gem of the Indian kitchen – amla. This Vitamin C powerhouse isn't just a tangy treat; it's a magician for your gut and hair. Amla aids digestion, ensuring your stomach is in tip-top shape. And here's the bonus: it strengthens hair follicles and protects against unwarranted hair breakage.

Methi (Fenugreek)

Small but mighty, that's methi for you. Beyond being a spice rack essential, methi is a gut-friendly herb that also knows how to spice up your hair game. Rich in soluble fiber, it promotes gut health. The proteins and nicotinic acid in methi seeds are like a spa day for your tresses, preventing hair fall and keeping your strands happy.

Turmeric/ Golden Milk

Golden in every way, turmeric isn't just an anti-inflammatory powerhouse; it's a gut-friendly spice, too. Aiding digestion, turmeric ensures your gut is in top-notch condition, allowing for better absorption of nutrients. And you know what that means – your hair gets to soak up all the goodness for that radiant glow.

Satvic Foods' Golden Milk Masala can significantly improve gut health with its blend of natural ingredients. Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aids in soothing the digestive system, reducing inflammation, and alleviating common gastrointestinal issues like bloating. 

Moreover, ingredients such as ginger and black pepper contribute to improved digestion, promoting healthy gut flora. The masala's diverse array of seeds and nuts introduces fiber, supporting a balanced digestive process. Regular consumption of this wholesome masala offers a delicious alternative and fosters gut well-being, ensuring a harmonious and nourished digestive system.


Let's add a bit of spice to the mix – ginger. Beyond being the zing in your chai, ginger is known for its digestive benefits. It reduces inflammation in the gut, creating an ideal environment for your hair to grow enthusiastically. Ginger tea, anyone? It's a sip of health for your stomach and a nod to your hair.

Dahi (Curd) Rice

Sometimes, it's the simple things that pack the most punch. Enter dahi rice – a comfort food that's also a gut-loving powerhouse. This probiotic feast aids digestion and supports the growth of healthy hair. It's a comfort for your stomach and a treat for your tresses. Who knew a plate of rice could be so magical? It is a healthy homemade food substitute for a lot of other processed meals that can significantly help you gain immunity.

Jaggery (Gur)

Ready to swap out refined sugar for a sweet alternative that your gut will love? Enter jaggery. Packed with iron, jaggery boosts hemoglobin levels, promoting a healthy gut and encouraging hair growth. It's sweet, wholesome, and a win-win for your stomach and hair.

Hing (Asafetida)

Have you ever wondered about the unsung hero in your spice cabinet? Say hello to him. While it might not get the spotlight, hing is a digestive wizard. It reduces bloating and supports gut health, ensuring your hair gets the nutrients it needs for that enviable shine—a pinch of hing – a dash of gut goodness.

Try These Foods for Hair Growth

And there you have it – a culinary journey through Indian delights that make your taste buds sing and ensure your gut is in top form, reflecting in those fabulous locks. So, the next time you're in the kitchen, remember – good food isn't just about flavor; it's about feeding your gut and, in turn, nourishing your hair. Happy cooking, and cheers to many more happy hair days ahead!

In the hustle and bustle of life, our hair can often feel like it's on its rollercoaster, responding to factors we can't quite put our fingers on. But we have already told you that the key to achieving that enviable hair glow is in your kitchen.

For the all-round protection of 20+ natural Indian ingredients for gut health, get started with Satvic Foods today!


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