5 Best Ways to Increase Your Children's Immunity During COVID Times


How to increase your children's immunity covid satvic foods

When speaking of immunity, we often tend to ask ourselves, what does immunity mean? Or what are some examples of good immunity boosters? Well, immunity, in simple words are specific components within our body that help our body fight against harmful virus, bacteria or disease or illness. 

Immunity boosting has always been a majorly essential part of personal healthcare, and boosting children’s immunity is all the more important. Active Health states why parents should focus on increasing children’s immunity, and here you will see some of the best ways to increase your children’s immunity.

Vaccination and Immunization

When it is about your children, you will take all the necessary steps in order to protect your children. So one of the most important things that help to build immunity in a child is all the important vaccinations and immunizations. This is the first thing that will build up your child’s immunity. So whenever your child’s doctor asks you to get vaccinations, then please go ahead and do the needful.

Increase your children immunity satvic foods

A Balance of Activity and Relaxation

Having a proper balance is another important aspect that can help in boosting children’s immunity naturally. Your child should get a good 12-14 hours of sleep, which will help them be full of energy, and their immunity will automatically boost up. Playing and exercising is also important because it keeps the child active. It is considered to be a natural way to build immunity in a child. You can do some indoor activity with your child or take your child to a park, but make sure you are following complete hygiene when visiting a public place.

Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene

This is one of the best ways of boosting children’s immunity naturally. Focusing on your children’s cleanliness and personal hygiene will help keep harmful germs and bacteria away, thereby boosting children’s immunity. Washing hands after returning from outside or after using the toilet or washing hands before and after eating are some good habits that one must consider.

A Properly Balanced Diet

Another example of a good immunity booster is maintaining a balanced diet. You need to make sure that you give your children fruits and vegetables of all types. If your children have already celebrated their tenth birthday, then you can also try giving them Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala or Cinnamon Doodh Masala at night. Our immunity boosters blend 100% natural Indian spices that add flavor to your everyday milk (it has Rose Petals, Saunf, Cinnamon, and so many other things) and provide recommended proteins and healthy fat (No added sugar). It is highly recommended to consult your physician before starting a health supplement for your child.

Avoid too Many Antibiotics

Although antibiotics are quite effective and act fast to cure any sort of pain, they can be harmful as well. Antibiotics at times even kill the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria present in our body. Giving your child antibiotics for cold, flu, and pains may not be a very good option. It weakens the immunity system and affects the children’s immunity. But if your doctor has advised you to take the antibiotics, then please follow their advice and complete the recommended dose.

Keeping all these points in mind, you must take care of your children’s immunity from the early stages so that you wont face any issues at later stages of life. The stronger your child’s immunity, the better they will be able to fight against illnesses like cold and flu or other such diseases.


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