5 Health Benefits of Cardamom That Will Surprise You


Benefits of Cardamom article satvic foods

We are going to talk about something that you absolutely hate in your biriyani but love in your tea. Guessed it already? Yes, you guessed it right, it is cardamom. Cardamom uses are not unknown to us but did you know the various cardamom benefits that can support your body in several ways that you didn't even know about earlier? Even if you do not take cardamom in its original spice form, that is, as cardamom seeds, you can intake cardamom powder that you might make or buy ready-made as it is as good as the fresh cardamom.

Benefits of cardamom that you should know today

Keeping in mind that we consume Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom on daily basis, we have jotted down 5 cardamom benefits for your health that you need to know.

Lowers Blood Pressure

According to Medical News, if you add freshly crushed cardamom seeds to your tea or any other food item, it will certainly help reduce your blood pressure. You can give Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala, Cinnamon Doodh Masala, or other Immunity Boosters as they all contain premium cardamoms that are hand grounded to make sure that the natural benefits of the cardamom retain in after the process.

Benefits of Cardamom in milk or tea satvic foods

Prevents Cavities

There are various cardamom uses, and out of all of them, one of the most famous cardamoms uses is that it is used to prevent cavities. Cardamom has cavity-fighting properties. So if you want your teeth to remain healthy, make sure to make good use of cardamom seeds, or the best option would be to go for our Kadak Chai Masala that not only adds tastes to your tea but also helps to prevent cavities.

Fights Cancer

As per multiple reports in the field of science, one of the best cardamoms uses is that it is used to protect oneself from cancer. Cardamom seeds have all the right cancer-fighting properties that can save a person from a very deadly illness. You can consult your doctor or general practitioner in order to understand your nutrition needs in case you start taking any immunity boosters currently available in the market.

Can Fight Chronic Diseases

All thanks go to the anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom as because of that, it is known to be able to fight chronic diseases in a person. You can start improving the immunity of your family members by start taking cardamom in form as you desire. At Satvic Foods, we highly recommend using 100% natural products. You can check out our Cinnamon Doodh Masala and can also read how you can improve your children’s immunity by following these simple five steps.

May Solve Digestive Problems

Both Green and Black Cardamoms are known to be useful in solving digestive problems in a person. If you are somebody who faces a lot of problems indigestion or if you know somebody who might be suffering from it, make sure to take cardamom in some food to cure this trouble of yours.

We are sure that there are other benefits of taking cardamom on a daily basis! Make sure that you are consulting a physician before undertaking any supplementary diet.


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