Vegans usually have a difficult time finding Vegetarian Protein for Muscle Building. In this regard, a homemade protein shake or homemade protein powders can be the best option for gaining lean muscle and boosting metabolism. The store-bought ones are often loaded with taste-enhancers and artificial preservatives and may not be the best bargain for all.

But, fret not! In this article, we will help you make protein shakes at home using all-natural ingredients. These can be used as homemade protein for muscle building and also be served as homemade protein powder for people with diabetes:


Coconut And Almond Shake
Soak around 20 almonds and dry coconut in water overnight. The next morning grind them together with 2 cups of water to make a thick paste. Now, add 2 cups of milk, a spoonful of flaxseeds, and a pinch of cinnamon to it. Stir the mixture, and your homemade protein shake is ready.


Chocolate Protein Powder
Put ½ cup oats into the blender or food processor along with ⅓ cup chia seeds, ground flaxseed, wheat germ, or hemp hearts. Add in 2 tablespoons cocoa powder. Grind the mixture until a smooth-ish powder forms. Transfer this homemade protein powder for people with diabetes to an airtight container. Mix about two tablespoons of protein powder with warm milk and have it anytime you are in the mood for a protein shake.

Berry Shake
Put half a cup of crushed berries (any berries of your choice) with 3/4th cup almond milk and 1/3rd cup of silken tofu to the blender. Add some chia seeds to it and blend it into a smooth mixture. Have it with a topping of chia seeds and enjoy the fruity flavor of this homemade protein shake.

Satvic Foods' Protein Dry Fruits Ball

A homemade protein shake is the perfect energy drink for individuals who struggle to meet their daily protein needs. However, in our busy lives, we usually don’t get the time and resources to make protein shakes at home.

Then, how to meet the daily protein need of our body? Especially if you are someone working round the clock? Try Satvic Foods' Protein Dry Fruits Ball to give your body the necessary nutrients throughout the day. Due to their high protein content, Satvic Foods' Protein Dry Fruits Ball can be consumed at any time of the day. You can even add them to your homemade protein shakes to make them healthier and tastier. In simpler words, you are free to choose when you want to eat this Protein Dry Fruits Ball.

Importance of Consuming Homemade Protein Dry Fruits Ball

According to an article in Medical News Today-  our body needs protein for muscle building, repairing tissue, and making enzymes and hormones. We hope these homemade protein powder and homemade protein shake recipes help you meet your daily protein needs.