Satvic Foods in India: Why Generation-Z Prefers Homemade Satvic Foods



Gen-Z is setting a new food trend in the post-pandemic world, and their food preferences include - Satvic Foods. In fact, during the 2020 lockdown, when cooking at home became a trend, this generation experimented in their kitchens, and now, instead of eating out, they are preferring home-based meals and Satvic Food Items.

Satvic Foods are known to be pure and balanced, offering feelings of calmness, happiness, and mental clarity. Satvic Foods, India's food consists of nutritious foods, including fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouts, honey, ghee, nuts, grains, pulses, lentils, ginger, jaggery, unrefined sugar, turmeric, black pepper, dhania, fresh herbs, milk, and dairy products.

Kadak Chai Masala from Satvic Foods

There are numerous Satvic Foods benefits:

  • Consuming natural fresh Satvic Foods provides all the necessary nutrients, dietary fiber, antioxidants, proteins, minerals, and monounsaturated fats, improving the immune system.
  • Satvic Foods list contain food items low in carbs and calories, which aids in weight loss.
  • Consumption of Satvic Food items brings energy and freshness to the body and mind.
  • Rich in fiber, Satvic Foods promote easy digestion.
  • The low-fat and high fiber content of Satvic Foods may help in preventing certain chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, heart disease.
  • Satvic Foods help detox your body.
  • Satvic food items help you to stay energetic all day long.


Satvic Foods in 2021

Now that we are all aware of the Satvic food benefits, it’s time to understand how to incorporate Satvic Foods into our fast-paced life. Between office and home, college, and friends, it’s not easy to prepare and have homecooked, fresh food all the time.

Protein dry fruits ball from satvic foods

To make your Satvic journey easy, Satvic Foods brings to you 100% natural and healthy food options, free from all preservatives. From a variety of easy-to-use masala powders to a collection of immunity boosters for the entire family, Satvic Foods’ products are made with 100% natural, top-grade ingredients that provide you with all the nutritional value of the food you consume.

By cooking your food with Satvic Foods’ masala powders, you can ensure that you and your family eat fresh, wholesome meals. These spices' nutritional health benefits will help you look and feel healthier, boost your energy, stabilize your weight and mood, and improve your sleep and resilience to stress.

A Last Note on Satvic Foods

According to Healthline, Satvic Foods provide us with maximum micronutrients that keep us protected from various seasonal diseases. Hence, we request everyone to try consuming Satvic Foods for a healthier and happier life.


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