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Sundarja mangoes have captured the hearts of mango lovers across the globe. In the scorching summer heat, nothing brings more joy than enjoying mango. It is its benefits that we consume raw mango in various forms, from juice and curries to salads and pickles. Among many varieties of mango in India, one gem stands out for its remarkable health benefits and exceptional taste - the Sundarja mango. 

Have you ever tasted this exotic variety, Sundarja mango, in any form? If not, you're in for a treat! In this Satvic Foods blog, you will learn the significance and numerous health benefits of the Sundarja mango. Also, you will understand why we have chosen this mango variety for our Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar, out of all other Indian mango varieties.

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Sundarja Mangoes: Its History and Significance

The Sundarja mango is considered one of the best mango varieties of the Vindhya region, Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh. According to Navbharat Times, it was initially grown in the gardens of Govindgarh Fort and is now cultivated extensively in the Govindgarh area and the nearby Kuthulia Fruit Research Center. However, the mangoes from Govindgarh orchards are light white, while those from the Kuthulia Fruit Research Center are light green when raw.

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The mango's popularity is evident from the fact that the government issued a postal stamp in its name in 1968. Sundarja mango was also granted the GI tag on 26 March 2023. They are in season from mid-April to the end of June, weighing between 150 to 400 grams. It has a creamy texture and juicy pulp and turns golden-yellow as they ripen.

There is a big orchard of Sundarja mangoes in Sundarbans of Govindgarh in Rewa district. There are tales that it got its name “Sundarja” because of that beautiful forest. 

Sundarja mango is one of Madhya Pradesh's 213 varieties. Bursting with flavor and loaded with numerous health benefits, it is one of the precious gifts from Mother Nature. 

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Raw Mango Benefits: Sundarja Mangoes

There are many mango varieties in India, and the Sundarja mango stands out for its exceptional taste and nutritional value. It is a treasure house of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a nutritional powerhouse. Let's take a closer look at the key benefits they offer:

Versatile Food: Whether raw or ripe juicy mango, it blends well in every culinary creation. Who doesn’t love the tangy aam panna, smoothies, custards, chutneys, and our beloved aam ka achar? With Sundarja mangoes, the possibilities are endless with many health benefits.

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The mango season calls for versatile recipes. If you have got ripe Sundarja mangoes or any mango variety accessible to you, incorporate in your recipes. Whether you're preparing custard, smoothies, or desserts, add an extra touch of flavor and nutrition with Satvic Foods’ Kesari Thandai Mix. It is carefully crafted with 14 natural ingredients and boasts 25g of protein per 100g. 

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Rich in Nutrients: Sundarja mangoes contain a significant amount of vitamin C, which boosts immunity and promotes healthy skin. They are packed with vitamins A, E, and K,  along with minerals like potassium and magnesium. It contributes to overall well-being, like protection against infections, eye health, healthy hair, bone health, and healthy blood.

Antioxidants: Mangoes are packed with powerful antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin. These compounds protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

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Diabetic-Friendly: Is raw mango good for diabetes? Yes, it means that even a diabetic person can eat Sundarja mango. They have a low sugar and glycemic index, making them suitable for diabetes. The natural sugars in these mangoes are absorbed more slowly by the body, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. 

However, it is still essential to consume them in moderation and consult your healthcare professional regarding your condition and specific dietary requirements.

Energizing and Hydrating: With their crunchy skin, aroma resembling that of a bel fruit, and refreshing taste, Sundarja mangoes make for the perfect energy-boosting fruit. They also have a good water content, which helps maintain optimal body temperature in scorching summers.

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Is Raw Mango Pickle Healthy?

While all mangoes offer numerous health benefits, Sundarja mangoes stand out in several aspects, as mentioned above. Its unique charm and refreshing scent make it perfect for pickling mangoes. It is the Sundarja’s aroma that entices the senses first giving a glimpse of the pickle even before one tastes it, making the experience even more delightful.

At Satvic Foods, we promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle and have thoughtfully incorporated Sundarja mangoes into our special aam ka achaar. With a balanced combination of 13 North Indian spices, its benefit has only got amplified. Let's explore the reasons that make our delicious mango pickle recipe stand out from others in the market:

Nutritional Value

Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar is a tangy and spicy treat for your taste buds and a wholesome addition to your diet. Packed with 5.67 grams of protein and 222.15 Kcal energy, our mango pickle offers a burst of flavor and valuable nutrients. It contains zero cholesterol and trans fat. Now you can enjoy Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar and amplify the benefits of Indian recipes without any concerns about compromising your health.

Additionally, it contains pink Himalayan salt, which makes it suitable for people with health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure. 

Natural Preservation

We have employed a traditional method of preserving our aam ka achaar in a brine solution. This natural preservation technique ensures that the pickle retains its freshness without the need for vinegar or any kind of artificial preservatives. 

Since the raw mango pieces are already preserved in the brine water solution, we have used very little mustard oil for the usual pickling process. It makes it suitable for every health enthusiast out there.

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Freshness and Authenticity

Our commitment to quality ensures that every jar of aam ka achar captures the true essence of Rajasthan's traditional culinary heritage. When we receive an order, we pack a fresh jar by mixing the raw mango pieces with our homemade pickle masala. This process guarantees that you receive a fresh aam ka achar all year round while maintaining our high standards of quality and freshness, with a shelf life of over a year.

Even during the off-season when mangoes are not available, having Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar in your home allows you to experience the freshness of the mango season through its enticing aroma and flavorful taste.

Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar: The Mango Pickle You’ve Been Waiting For!

Satvic Foods takes pride in producing products that are fresh, authentic, and true to our Indian roots and values. Sundarja mango, with its exotic taste and a plethora of health benefits, has rightfully earned its place in the hearts of mango lovers globally. From their rich nutritional and antioxidant profile to sugar management properties, these mangoes are truly Indian superfoods

If you are someone who misses the homemade mango pickle recipe, Satvic Foods' Aam ka Achaar is your go-to option undoubtedly. Without any worries about chemicals or freshness, you can indulge in our mango pickle worry-free and reap the multitude of health benefits. 

Buy Satvic Foods’ Aam Ka Achaar for a  tasty delight of Sundarja mango!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is raw mango good for diabetes?

Any fruit with a GI (glycemic index) of about 50 is considered safe for diabetic patients. Moreover, raw mangoes typically have a lower to moderate GI compared to ripe ones. Mango varieties such as Sundarja, Hapus, or Kesri, which have a low GI, are particularly suitable for individuals with diabetes.

What are the health benefits of sour mango?

Raw mangoes contain vitamins C, A, and K, including fibers (most varieties have) and antioxidants. Some mango varieties possess abundant lutein and zeaxanthin, which helps in improving eye health. 

Which type of mango is best for diabetes?

Sundarja mango, a native of Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, is the best mango for diabetic patients. You may also go for other tangy mangoes, such as Badami, as it has a lower glycemic index.

How many types of mango are there?

India has some of the most popular varieties, including Alphonso, Himsagar, Kishan Bhog, Kesar, Chausa, and Badami. About 500 mango varieties are growing in India, over 1000 are found all over, and only about 30 are consumed globally.


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