How To Make Satvic Samosa At Home | 5 Min Homemade Food Recipe


how to make samosa at home - satvic foods

A Satvic Masala Samosa is a spicy, crispy snack generally stuffed with potatoes and traditional spices. Usually served with a sauce or chutney, samosa is undoubtedly one of India's best and most popular savory snacks. It is usually triangular-shaped, but if this is your first time making samosas at home, be creative and shape them as you like.

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For the dough

2 cups maida, 1 teaspoon ajwain, ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ cup oil or ghee, water for kneading, 1 teaspoon oil

For the stuffing

2 tbsp of refined oil, 1 tsp of cumin seeds, 1 teaspoon crushed coriander seeds, 4 boiled and mashed potatoes, 1 tablespoon Satvic Foods' Samosa Kachori Mix

samosa recipe by satvic foods

Steps to follow

  1. Add the maida, salt, ghee, and ajwain to a bowl. Mix well. 
  2. Rub and crumble the flour using your hands for a few minutes. The flour should be slightly moist and hold shape when you curl up your fingers tightly.  
  3. Gradually add water and knead the dough. Do not over-knead. Let it rest for 20 minutes. 
  4. Heat oil in an iron pan.
  5. Add the boiled potatoes and 1 tbsp of Satvic Foods' Samosa Kachori Mix and mix well. Fry only for 2-3 minutes. Since the potatoes are boiled, they do not have to be cooked further. 
  6. Turn off the flame and let the potato stuffing cool down completely. 
  7. Now divide the dough into equal parts. Take one of them, flatten it, and roll it using a rolling pin. You will not need to dust it with dry flour. 
  8. Roll out the dough thin in an oval shape. Divide it into two parts from the center (horizontally). Apply some water to all the edges using your fingers. Bring together the two ends to shape it like a cone. 
  9. Fill in the potato stuffing, apply more water on the edges and press them together to seal the samosa.  
  10. Similarly, prepare the remaining samosas
  11. Heat oil in a kadhai. When the oil is warm, slide in the samosas and deep-fry them on a low flame. 
  12. Stir occasionally and fry the samosas on low flame until they turn golden and crispy.  
  13. Take them out on a plate and drain excess oil. 
  14. The samosas are ready to be served hot and fresh. Serve them with some green chutney or tamarind chutney.

    Tips or Benefits for Samosa

    Do not over-knead the dough to ensure that the samosa turns out crispy. Make sure the Satvic Masala Samosa is sealed well; otherwise, it can break while frying. You can store the samosas for up to one day in the refrigerator. You can add paneer cubes, onions, peas, or dry fruits to your samosa filling. If you want to avoid deep-frying, you can even bake these samosas in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes.


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