10 Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy: Home Remedies for Weight Loss After Delivery


10 Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy: Home Remedies for Weight Loss After Delivery

Giving birth is a life-transforming experience for every woman. However, post-pregnancy days are filled with insecurities and uncertainties- especially if you are on your journey to lose weight after pregnancy. Weight loss after delivery is essential to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases later in life.

However, it must be remembered that compromising on the nutritional value of your food or adopting a rigorous exercise regime just after delivery is a strict no-no.

Satvic foods indian diet plan for women

Many women, unable to lose weight after pregnancy, fall prey to the trending fad diet plan for weight loss, only to regret it later. Instead, following a Satvic Foods diet and setting small goals will help you lose weight after pregnancy much faster.


Incorporating these home remedies for weight loss along with your doctor’s advice will surely help you lose weight properly without compromising on your health. Follow a proper Indian Diet Plan for Women comprising a variety of fresh foods, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains

  1. Do not binge on junk food
  2. Use smaller plates while having meals
  3. Chew your food properly as it aids digestion
  4. Have a proper sleep routine
  5. Stay hydrated
  6. Gradually get back into exercise. Start with brisk walks and slowly increase the time when you are comfortable
  7. Add Turmeric milk and Cinnamon milk to your daily diet
  8. Don’t push yourself too much
  9. Have a positive outlook

Benefits of adding Turmeric milk and Cinnamon milk in your diet plan for weight loss

Turmeric and Cinnamon both work wonders for our health. Turmeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in increasing milk supply in new mothers while detoxifying the body. Cinnamon, on the other hand, has anti-diabetic properties, and also promotes weight loss after delivery.

To get the benefits of both these magical spices and lose weight after pregnancy, use Satvic Foods' Golden Milk Masala, and Satvic Foods' Cinnamon Doodh Masala. Add these masala powders to your regular milk, and enjoy the delicious taste and aroma of these natural Ayurvedic spices, while they help you lose weight after pregnancy in a healthy, Satvic way.


Importance of right Diet Plan Post Pregnancy

According to an article of Mayoclinic, Weight loss after delivery takes time. Having a positive mindset, concentrating on eating a healthy diet, and including the right kind of physical activity in your daily routine can not only help you lose weight after pregnancy faster but also improve your overall wellbeing.


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