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The "best pickle brands in India" discussion can be endless, as every region and household has its own secret aam ka achar recipe. However, one achar stands tall, and that's our amazing mango pickle, isn’t it? From the vibrant streets of Himachal and Rajasthan to the bustling markets of Andhra Pradesh, India holds a rich heritage of aam ka achar and a variety of mouthwatering recipes for mango pickles.

So, we believe we are clear on this fact - what is the famous pickle in India? When it comes to aam ka achar, there's no competition for the beloved mango pickle. It stands out as one of the most preferred fruits for pickling. 

This Satvic Foods blog aims to review the best mango pickle brands in India, focusing on the most selected aam ka achaar. Whether you're a mango pickle lover or someone wanting a taste of homemade pickles to enhance their homemade foods, this review by Satvic Foods is for you.

How Did We Review The Pickles Manufacturers in India?

To ensure a qualitative review of aam ka achar, we have considered the following parameters while considering our picks for the best pickle brands in India:

Price Range: We have explored the affordability and value for money of each brand's mango pickles, catering to various budgets as per their variation.

Pickle Ingredients: We will highlight the uniqueness of the ingredients used in each brand's achar recipes.

Customer Satisfaction: We have analyzed the customer reviews and ratings to find the overall satisfaction.

Amazon Reviews: We chose one of the most popular online platforms to consider genuine customer concerns and feedback.

Quality: We assessed the authenticity, preservatives, and methods each brand employs.

Which Are The Best Mango Pickle Brands in India?

With so many recipes for raw mango, aam ka achar is always everyone’s top priority. Green mangoes, even with a simple salt seasoning, taste heavenly, isn’t it? When was the last time you savored raw mango with chili and salt?

There are so many mango pickles available. However, when buying, all our questions are about which company makes the best pickles in India. From authentic recipes using raw mangoes to the best pickles brand in India, find the perfect mango pickle for your meals.

Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar 

Ingredients: Raw Mango, Mustard Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Pink Himalayan Salt, Red Chili, Fenugreek, Mustard Oil, Dry Ginger, Fennel Flower, Black Pepper, Clove.

Price: 499 INR

Available in a 500 gm glass jar.

Spice Level: Mid to extra spicy.

It has no vinegar or any chemical preservatives. 

It contains mustard oil in very less quantity for preservation. 

Zero trans fat and zero cholesterol. 

We have used the traditional preservation technique using brine water solution, ensuring the freshness and natural goodness of raw mango benefits. 

Raw mangoes are soaked in a saltwater brine solution for months, preserving their crunchiness and sweetness. It helps savor the goodness of fresh raw mangoes all year long.  Each jar is freshly prepared at home before every order, guaranteeing a chemical-free, flavorful, and homemade pickle experience.

The packaging includes a glass jar packed in a jute bag, providing an authentic spicy Rajasthani taste. Complete homemade and Satvic (no onion, no garlic).

mango pickle ingredients

Order today the goodness of Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar, made purely with mother’s love! 

Mother's Recipe Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Raw Mango Pieces, Brine, Edible Common Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices & Condiments, Acidity Regulator (INS 260), and Asafoetida.

Lowest Price: 50 INR

Overall Price Range: 50-300 INR

Amazon Reviews: 4.0/5

Available in 400g glass bottles, 100g, 400g, and 500g pouches. 

It contains a strong saunf and kalonji aroma. 

The ratio of masala to raw mango chunks is well-balanced, with more mango pieces than masala. 

If you want a mix of vegetables and mango, you may try Mother's Recipe’s Pachranga Pickle.

Nilon's Classic Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Raw Mango Pieces (68%), Iodized Salt, Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices & Condiments, Acidity Regulator (INS 260), and Preservative (INS 211)

Price Range: 360 INR for 850 gm plastic jar.

Amazon Reviews: 3.9/5

It delivers an original Rajasthani taste.

They have made Nilon's Classic using Rajapuri/ desi Variety Raw Mango and Byadgi Chill, which gives the pickle a dark color and aroma.

Overall the pickles’ taste is good, with moderate spicy and a perfect tanginess of raw mango.

Nilon's other Rajasthani pickle variants are available in 250g, 400gm, 500g, and 900gm pouches, glass, and plastic jars.

Priya Mango Avakaya Pickle with Garlic

Ingredients: Mango, Chilli & Mustard Powder, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Mustard Oil, Garlic & Iodized Salt 

Lowest Price: 110 INR

Overall Price Range: 10-350 INR

Amazon Reviews: 4.0/5

Available in 300g, 500g, and 1 kg packaging. 

It offers a traditional South Indian taste - a Telugu mango pickle recipe.

It contains rice bran oil, so if you are not comfortable with this oil, you may opt for other options. 

The taste is good, with the spice being slightly higher. If you prefer spicy pickles, then this is your go-to option.

Priya Pickle's other varieties include Mango Thokku Pickle with Garlic, Cut Mango Pickle with Garlic, and Mango Ginger Pickle without Garlic.

Pravin Mango Pickle

Ingredients: Green Mango (63%), Edible Common Salt, Cotton Seed Oil, Mustard, Red Chilli, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Acidity Regulator - Acetic Acid (E260), Asafoetida. 

Lowest Price: 70 INR

Overall Price Range: 70-1000 INR

Amazon Reviews: 4.2/5

Available in a 200g jar and pouch and 500g, 1kg, and 5 kg plastic jars. 

Well-balanced spices and oil.

The spice level is moderate, suitable for any taste bud.

The taste is excellent, with abundant mango pieces and a few kernels (guthli pieces) - complete value for money.

It contains vinegar as a preservative.

Now you decide on the query for which company makes the best pickles in India. 

According to us, it’s always good to read between the labels for hidden ingredients. If you are naturally acidic, check what preservatives are in the pickle. You must also consider the type of oil if you are particular about the taste, fat, and calorie content.

Why Choose Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar - Homemade Pickle?

Satvic Foods follows the Ayurvedic principle of sattva, which means purity, harmony, and balance. We understand how finding homemade warmth in our daily products is challenging for all ages. This is why Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar is the newest addition to our line of homemade products. 

Our vision of making satvic products is beyond profits. Some individuals choose not to consume onion and garlic for personal, cultural, or religious reasons. Therefore, we at Satvic Foods have made homemade pickles free from preservatives, vinegar, onion, and garlic.

It makes us come in the line of one of the best pickle brands in India!

best mango pickle online satvic foods

We maintain the highest taste, quality, and purity standards with motherly care to offer you the authentic flavors of traditional recipes. Find out what differentiates us from other homemade pickles brands:

Homemade Quality

Satvic Foods maintains the homemade pickle quality and freshness to offer an authentic Rajasthani taste.

Additionally, if you are a Rajasthani delicacies fan, you must try Satvic Foods’ Samosa Kachori Mix. Do you know that we have prepared this special masala mixing the taste of Rajasthan and the nutrients of Gujrat? You can not only use it in your Kachori and Samosa but also for any regular stuffed snacks. Have you got any ideas?

Enjoy your snacks with the right nutrients of Satvic Foods’ Samosa Kachori Mix - buy now!

Premium Mango Pickle Ingredients:

Satvic Foods uses pink Himalayan salt instead of regular refined white salt to increase its nutritional value. It contains essential spices like dry ginger, black pepper, and clove, which one cannot find easily in other brands, to create a unique and nutritious aam ka achaar.

Premium Mango Pickle Ingredients:

Satvic Foods uses pink Himalayan salt instead of regular refined white salt to increase its nutritional value. It contains essential spices like dry ginger, black pepper, and clove, which one cannot find easily in other brands, to create a unique and nutritious aam ka achaar. All our 13 mango pickle ingredients are all-natural north Indian spices and are clearly visible on the label - 

  • Raw Mango 
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Mustard Kernels 
  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Turmeric
  • Red Chilli 
  • Mustard Oil
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Dry Ginger 
  • Black Pepper 
  • Nigella Seeds
  • Clove
  • Asafoetida

    Quality Raw Mango 

    One of the common questions we hear is which mango is best for pickles. Every part of India has its own species of mangoes with a unique taste incomparable to anyone. 

    We have sourced the best-quality raw mangoes, 'Sundarja,' directly from Govindgarh near Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. These raw mangoes not only enhance the taste but also aid in sugar management. Its sweet and tangy taste is perfect for pickling mangoes.

    No Chemical Preservative

    Unlike other brands that rely on vinegar and artificial preservatives, Satvic Foods follows a traditional preservation technique. We cut and soak the mango pieces in salt water for months to maintain the crunchiness and sweetness of the raw mangoes.

    We have not used vinegar or any artificial preservatives hidden under labels to ensure a chemical-free food for everyone. 

    Nutritional Value

    With controlled oil content, Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar offers 222.15 kcal of energy and 5.67g of protein per 100g serving. It is a healthy and wholesome addition to your meals with zero trans fat and cholesterol.

    Extended Shelf Life

    We don’t produce mango pickles in bulk. Upon receiving an order, Satvic Foods packs a fresh jar of aam ka achar. We mix the raw mango pieces (preserved in salt water solution) with our already home-prepared pickle spices. 

    Since our aam ka achar is freshly packed, you can enjoy it for over a year.

    satvic foods homemade aam ka achaar

    Indulge in the mouth-licking flavors with homemade Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar- buy now!

    Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar: Best Homemade Pickle

    Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar truly serves all the standards of a homemade pickle. We have only used all-natural premium mango pickle ingredients and no vinegar or chemical preservatives for a high nutritional value. Our aam ka achaar is good for vegetarians and a highly suitable option for satvic (no onion, no garlic) eaters.

    What is the famous food in India? It's dal chawal for most of us, our comfort food. With just a bite of aam ka achaar, simple homemade meals get a magic touch of flavors, enhancing the benefits of Indian recipes.

    With this review blog, we hope to have answered all your queries on the best pickle brands in India. Using the metrics mentioned above, you can decide which pickle to buy that excels in taste, quality, and authenticity. 

    Besides mango pickles, you can also enjoy Satvic Foods' other homemade spices and immunity boosters that will transport you to the heart of India's culinary heritage.

    Discover the taste of India with Satvic Foods' Aam Ka Achaar - order today!


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