Increase Immunity: 10 Secret Ways to Improve Immunity in 2022



Our immune system is the first line of defense against disease-causing microorganisms. Therefore, to increase immunity and enjoy a healthy, disease-free life, we must make fundamental lifestyle changes. Nevertheless, what are the tricks and tips to increase immunity daily?

We can easily improve immunity by following a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle and having Satvic Foods’ that help cleanse the body and aid digestion, metabolism, absorption of nutrients, etc. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian branch of natural and holistic medicine, consists of various techniques which can help increase immunity in men, as well as increase immunity in women naturally at home:

  • Follow a healthy and fixed sleep schedule
  • Drink a cup of hot lemon water upon waking up
  • While brushing your teeth, do not forget to scrape your tongue
  • Practice yoga and meditation in the morning. In case you do not have time in the morning, do it in the evening
  • Have a balanced diet, consuming breakfast at about 7 a.m., lunch at about noon, and dinner before 6 p.m.
  • Use natural ingredients while preparing your food
  • Sip on hot water or ayurvedic drinks between meals
  • Have at least one fruit a day
  • Practice a 10-minute restorative yoga or meditation every night
  • Have a glass of turmeric milk or cinnamon milk before sleeping
  • Have a positive outlook towards life


Satvic Foods: Helping you Increase Immunity at Home

As per Ayurveda, to improve immunity, we must focus on our food. Our diet nourishes the body and influences our thought processes and personality. It is important to eat a well-balanced, high-fiber, low-fat diet prepared with 100% natural ingredients to help to keep our body healthy and mind at peace.


So, if you are on your journey to increase immunity after COVID or otherwise, Satvic Foods is here to help you on your way. Made with 100% natural and only top-grade ingredients, Satvic Foods’ products help you enhance the taste of your everyday meal while providing you with all the nutritional value of your food. Trust us when we say these easy-to-use Homemade Masalas will be an asset to your home.

Try any of Satvic Foods’ products and feel the difference yourself.

Important Note on Immunity

Harvard Health Publishing opines that a healthy lifestyle and nutrient-dense foods can increase immunity and cut down the risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. We hope these tips to improve immunity prove beneficial for you and your family and help you improve immunity in a healthy, Satvic way.


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