International Tea Day 2023: Best Summer Drink for Health


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International Tea Day emphasizes acknowledging the economic importance, cultural heritage, and health benefits of tea. Tea is more than a beverage for tea lovers, making it the most beloved and sustainable drink across cultures and generations. The history of tea stretch back 5000+ years, but its significance to health and socioeconomic development is still relevant, supporting over 13 million people globally.

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As the scorching heat of summer descends, we start looking out for refreshing beverages to quench our thirst and beat the heat. With supermarket shelves flooded with sugary, caffeinated, and artificially flavored summer drinks, deciding on a healthy drink for summer is challenging. Tea, a healthier alternative for centuries, has stood the test of time, boasting delightful taste, soothing aroma, and numerous health benefits.

In this Satvic Foods blog, you will explore what makes tea a superior choice over commercially marketed beverages and why tea should be your go-to summer drink. We will further delve into the scientific theories supporting tea's impact on health, discuss its advantages over marketed beverages, and some homemade tea recipes to enjoy this summer.

The Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the world’s oldest and most consumed beverages globally. Approximately 2000 tea leaves make a pound of consumable tea, and due to its popularity, more than 25 countries cultivate tea leaves. Owing to its versatility, there are more than 1500 types of tea globally. You might be wondering about the benefits of lemon tea or how green can help you lose weight. Let us briefly understand some tea benefits on health and why tea is a healthy option:

Hydration: Tea, especially herbal tea leaves, can be a fantastic hydrating option during summer. A cup or two daily contributes to necessary fluid intake and helps maintain optimal hydration levels.

Weight Management: For those striving to lose or maintain a healthy weight, black and green tea may be your helpful ally. Green tea benefits in boosting metabolism, enhancing fat oxidation, and assisting in weight loss when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Antioxidant: Green and black tea is rich in polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant that protects cell damage from harmful free radicals, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like cardiovascular, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

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Heart Health: Regular tea consumption positively impacts cardiovascular health and helps lower blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. Green tea, in particular, is rich in a polyphenol called Epigallocatechin 3-Gallate (EGCG), the most potent green tea catechin beneficial as a nutriceutical agent.

Mental Health: Tea leaves contain compounds like L-theanine, which rejuvenates the body, improves concentration, and has a calming effect on the mind. A cup of tea after a stressful day may be your perfect way to unwind during the summer hustle by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

What Makes Tea a Superior Health Drink for Summer?

A study conducted by Dr. Ollie Jay states that drinking hot drinks cools down the body's core temperature. Hot fluids lower the amount of heat stored inside the body. Tea provides a refreshing respite from the heat due to its ability to maintain a healthy fluid equilibrium in the body and its cooling effects. Now, you can savor the myriad health benefits of masala tea, herbal tea, and black tea while enjoying a revitalizing beverage this summer season. Let’s see a comparison between homemade tea and some popular marketed beverages:

Soda: Tea, such as iced tea and lemon tea, offers a healthier alternative with zero calories when consumed without sweeteners compared to sugar-laden soda. Several scientific evidence suggests that the consumption of soda and sugary drinks promotes the prevalence of obesity and associated health problems.

Packaged Fruit Juices: Fruit juices may seem healthy, but they are often loaded with artificial flavors and added sugars. Fruit juice lacks the fiber content of whole fruits, which is necessary for sugar regulation and digestion. Subsequently, tea is a healthy and calorie-free beverage that you can enjoy guilt-free with various flavors.

Energy Drinks: Energy drinks are often high in caffeine and sugar, leading to potential health risks. In contrast, one may include tea as an energy booster. Tea provides a moderate caffeine boost for sustained energy and promotes relaxation without inducing drowsiness, with an array of potential health benefits.

Reasons to Drink Tea this Summer Season

Tea has potent health benefits to offer and it can be your beloved summer health drink. Find out why tea outshines commercial beverages with its natural goodness, versatility, and refreshing taste offering a healthy and delightful way to stay hydrated and cool during summer.

Natural vs. Artificial: Tea is a natural beverage made from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves, free of additives with a natural cooling effect. By choosing tea over commercial beverages, you foster healthy habits and can avoid the negative impact associated with artificial ingredients.

No Artificial Sugar: You need not rely on high caffeine and sweetened drinks for an energy boost. In the long term, they contribute to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. On the other hand, you can control your sugar intake with unsweetened tea or low-sugar alternative with organic honey or jaggery, offering a refreshing taste without detrimental health consequences.

Variety and Customization: Tea offers a wide range of flavors, from floral notes to earthy profiles. Furthermore, you can customize your tea drinks with lemon, mint, or berries, enhancing taste and nutritional value. With so many options available, you can always enjoy your summer refreshment with variety.

Homemade Tea Recipes

Tea has a multitude of variations, from kadak chai and green tea to Kashmiri kahwa and iced tea that you can easily prepare at home. Try some of the below-given recipes for a rejuvenating experience:

Milk Kadak Chai: Boil your usual tea powder with milk and water. Add a blend of chai spices like clove, ginger, and cardamom for added ethnic taste. Or you may simply add Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala to make your regular tea extra special. A blend of assorted spices will furnish your body with additional health benefits, such as improved digestion, immunity, and relaxation.

Rejuvenate yourself with Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala!

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Citric Green Tea: Brew green tea leaves and let the mixture cool. Squeeze freshly prepared lime juice or lemon into the cooled tea and top it with a few mint leaves for a refreshing twist. You may try this for any of your herbal tea, namely, chamomile, peppermint, or hibiscus.

Hibiscus Iced Tea with Berries: Steep hibiscus tea bags or flowers in hot water, let them cool, and refrigerate. Add a handful of fresh raspberries or strawberries with a dash of honey for a tangy summer drink.

Ginger-Mint Herbal Tea: Brew a blend of ginger, mint, and herbal tea leaves. Strain and add a splash of lemon juice and sweeten it with honey.

Cinnamon Chai: Adding a cinnamon stick to your regular black or milk tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease and enhance your immunity like never before. You may also try Satvic Foods' Cinnamon Chai Masala, a unique blend of 11 natural spices that will keep you healthy and energetic with a burst of flavors and aromas.

Transform your regular chai into a healthy beverage with Satvic Foods' Cinnamon Chai Masala!

Is Indian Masala Tea Good for Acidity? 

Alongside numerous health benefits of masala tea, for some tea lovers, the enjoyment of masala tea is often marred by the tea's acidity. Tea acidity lead to discomfort, heartburn, and digestive issues, causing tea enthusiasts to seek alternative beverages. Tea has acidic properties and may cause acidity if not brewed properly. 

You might be thinking about how one could avoid acidity from milk tea. Fortunately, a delightful solution for masala chai lovers is Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala. This unique masala tea powder is a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, including cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and clove, which Ayurveda traditionally uses to alleviate acidity and promote better immunity and digestive health. These spices possess natural anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, soothing any discomfort caused by acidity and improving gut motility. 

Therefore, while milk tea may cause acidity and prompt tea lovers to seek alternatives, Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala offers a delightful solution. By incorporating masala tea powder into your tea routine, you not only eliminate the discomfort of acidity but also enjoy the added benefits of improved digestion, reduced inflammation, boosted immunity, and increased energy levels. 

Beat tea acidity with Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala!

Remember to consult your doctor if you have severe acidity issues. It is important to note that Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala while offering various health benefits, is not intended as a cure or solution for any specific disease.

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Why is Tea Called the Queen of Beverage? 

Tea is indigenous to eastern and northern India, and people started considering it healthy, energizing, and a wise alternative to alcohol and non-caffeinated beverages. Further, its versatility extends beyond a drink, as tea is also used in marinades, syrups, and desserts. The rich tea culture of the Indian subcontinent showcases tea as an integral part of daily life, celebrated as the "mother drink" in the Indian subcontinent.

With its myriad health benefits and delightful flavors, tea is undoubtedly an excellent choice for a summer drink. As you savor your cup, remember that moderation is the key. Tea also possesses diuretic properties; hence hydrating the body with water and other fluids is equally essential. Further, pregnant women should limit their tea intake due to its muscle-relaxing properties. As we strive for healthier choices in our daily lives, this International Tea Day, let's raise a cup to a more nourishing and refreshing way of staying hydrated with Satvic Foods.

Embrace the goodness of tea with Satvic Foods chai masala!


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