Men Vs. Women's Calorie Intake for Effective Weight Loss


men vs women's calorie count

Women’s calorie count needs may differ from men's due to differences in body composition. An average woman’s calorie count is 1900 calories per day, while for a man, it is 2100. Excess calorie intake by consuming more than the need leads to weight gain. Be it a diet for men or a diet for women, the thumb rule for weight loss is to keep track of calorie intake. The food we eat breaks down, gets digested, and releases calories. But, more calories are released when we eat more than the body needs, and the extra calories get stored as fats.

However, effective weight loss is not just about reducing calorie intake; it also requires a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a balanced diet. By making lifestyle changes like reducing portion sizes, eating natural foods, and staying active, both men and women can effectively manage their weight and improve their overall health. This way, both genders can still weigh effectively if they follow a healthy lifestyle. 

With some specific diet changes, weight loss can be easy. In this blog, we will see what food items can help men and women to burn fat naturally.

How to burn fat naturally?

Men vs women's fat loss journey might be different for various reasons, but both need to take certain satvic foods diet to support their health.

Green leafy vegetables: Packed with nutrients and very few calories and carbs, green vegetables are also high in fiber, which helps keep you feeling full for longer. They are an excellent addition to reducing women’s calorie count in their diet after pregnancy. 

Protein: Protein helps to preserve health and muscle mass while losing weight. So, a diet with adequate protein helps to reduce food cravings and late-night snack habits. Men and women should add proteins like nuts, beans, tofu, paneer, etc., to their diet.

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Curd: Homemade yogurt is an excellent source of probiotic elements and beneficial bacteria which improve the digestive system and gut health. Good digestion aids in better absorption of nutrients which prevents weight gain.

Fruits: Fruits are incredibly nutrient-dense and full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, with few calories. Because of their high fiber and water content, fruits can be filling and appetite-suppressing, making them a must-have in your weight loss diet.

Healthy fats: Healthy unsaturated fats help to regulate appetite by controlling the release of appetite hormones. So, prepare your meals with olive or avocado oil instead of regular oil to burn fats naturally and increase your immunity.

A note on women's calorie count

Many believe that despite women's calorie count being fewer than men, they lose weight faster. But an article in WebMD has debunked this myth. According to this article, it’s only during the initial period that men lose weight faster than women. However, their fat loss journey is the same in the long run.

Burn fat naturally with Satvic Foods

Men's and women’s calorie count can be managed with a healthy and declicious satvic diet. When preparing food at home, just decrease the contents of sodium, sugar, and oils and easily incorporate healthier ingredients into your meals. Moreover, homemade foods are healthy and hygienic with no preservatives. Women’s calorie intake can be easily managed with homemade meals, making it the best way to burn fat naturally for both men and women.

So, whether it’s men's vs women's fat loss diet, homemade food is the best way to burn fat naturally. To make your meals healthier and to add the nutritional values of 100% natural spices to your diet, try Satvic Foods’ Indian Spices. These homemade masalas are made with top-grade ingredients and packed with mother’s love to make your every meal healthier and tastier.

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