How To Make Satvic Lassi At Home | 5 Min Homemade Food Recipe


how to make lassi at home - satvic foods

Beat the summer heat with this soothing beverage that is chilled, refreshing, and healthy. This jeera buttermilk or lassi is a must-try during summers and can be made in no time using just two main ingredients- curd and Satvic Foods’ Jeera Buttermilk Masala.

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2 cups plain curd/yogurt (chilled), 3 tablespoons Satvic Foods’ Jeera Buttermilk Masala, 1 cup chilled water.

lassi recipe by satvic foods

Steps to follow

  1. Take a deep pot and add the curd to it.
  2. Whisk the curd until it is smooth and free of any lumps. You may use a hand whisk or wired hand blender.
  3. Now add Satvic Foods’ Jeera Buttermilk Masala, made with natural Indian spices.
  4. Mix well and serve the chilled lassi after garnishing it with chopped coriander leaves and cumin powder.

    Tips or Benefits for Lassi

    Jeera buttermilk has excellent cooling properties and helps prevent dehydration during summers. It is also a source of several essential vitamins, promotes better digestion, and improves skin and nails.


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