Mahashivratri 2024: Fasting Recipes with Satvic Foods


satvic foods mahashivratri fast 2024

Mahashivratri is amongst the most celebrated Hindu festivals. Every year during Mahashivratri, people across the globe celebrate this day with utmost devotion and spirituality. This year, Hindus and Shiv-bhakts are going to celebrate Mahashivratri on March 8, 2024.

Besides chanting the name of Shiva, devotees are also seen indulging in a very healthy and sattvic diet that not only cleanses their aura but also helps in promoting calmness and focus within.

During the Mahashivratri fast, people usually look for recipes that are easy and can be prepared at home without much effort. These recipes should be homemade and must be free from artificial preservatives. Check out Satvic Foods’ take on Mahashivratri recipes that not only keep your gut composed and calm but also promote a feeling of dedication and perseverance to enjoy the day in the best possible way.

Mahashivratri Fasting Rules

Mahashivratri is a festival that has no rigid rules and regulations. However, there are a few guidelines that every devotee abides by to attain their highest peak of devotion.  Every Shiv-Bhakt believes in one core principle which is to keep a clean aura and a pure mind as they start the day chanting the name of the Divine.

Besides, there are a few common sets of practices listed below that you can follow to avoid unintentional mistakes in the process of your devotion.
On the day of Mahashivratri, one should wake up before 6 AM take a bath to cleanse the body, and start the day with a fresh mind.
Once the morning activities are performed, one can sit down to meditate on Shiv’s beej mantra “Namah Shivay!"
Try avoiding non-vegetarian food, alcohol of any kind, onion, garlic, rice, aerated drinks, and any other food that is considered Tamsik under Ayurveda.
Try having satvic (or sattvik) food like fresh juice, nuts, boiled vegetables, or milk-based items, like yogurt, milk, curd, or even homemade cheese (commonly known as paneer). Vegan people can go ahead with almond milk and tofu.
According to the Puranas, the use of red flowers or coconut water on the Shiv Ling is also prohibited during the Mahashivratri Puja.


    Fasting is often seen to be a common practice during Mahashivratri. This brings in a lot of confusion often regarding what food to eat and what to skip. In this comprehensive guide by Satvic Foods, we will help you choose among the best options considering your primary nutritional needs and requirements.

    Henceforth we have handpicked a few recipes and recommendations below that’ll not only help you maintain a cleaner gut but also sustain your energy and dedication to devote yourself to the process.

    5 Indian Sattvic Recipes for Mahashivratri 2024

    Homemade Thandai

    Thandai is a common Indian drink that is associated with multiple Indian festivities. It is consumed during Mahashivratri and also holds a special significance as an offering to Lord Shiva. Its cooling properties and rich ingredients make it an ideal choice to battle the heat and accumulate energy to perform activities throughout the day.

    satvic foods mahashivratri fast 2024

    Satvic Foods’ Kesari Thandai mix is a must-try for you if you’re looking for an easy and quick recipe to fill your stomach. It is a perfect mixture of 14 natural ingredients that help you keep your nutritional needs in place hence maintaining a balanced and healthy gut. The Kesari Thandai Recipe by Satvic Food can suggest to you that it is not just a drink but also an amazing flavored one that can help you maintain a healthy diet and cooler gut in the process of fasting during different Indian festivities.

    Dry Fruits Laddu

    Mahashivratri fasts can be made easier with dry fruits and nuts. They are a great choice of food during fasting periods as they provide energy and essential nutrients. Dry fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fibers and can keep you full for a longer time. They can be your superfood to make your fasting process healthy and effortless.

    satvic foods mahashivratri fast 2024

    If you’re someone who enjoys variations and easy munching, Satvic Foods’ Protein Dry Fruit Balls can be your savior during your tough days. These protein balls are not just a powerhouse of protein and energy but also have a blend of 19 natural ingredients that makes them a perfect choice of food during your fast in Mahashvratri.

    Fruit Platter

    Mahashivratri fast cannot be complete without fresh fruits. Fruits are a refreshing and nutritious option while observing fasts. They are not just rich in nutrition but also a great source of hydration. Intaking fresh fruits during your fast such as melons, berries, apples grapes, or other citric fruits is a great way to keep your digestion process clean and easy.

    Mahashivratri fasts will no longer be a daunting task if you have a plate full of fresh fruits. These fruits have natural sugars in them which helps in boosting energy throughout the day. They are also considered to be the greatest form of sattvic food according to Ayurveda.

    Makhane ki Kheer

    Festivals often call for a sweet tongue and there definitely cannot be a better option than a bowl full of homemade kheer to satisfy your taste buds and also to keep you full. Makhane (or Fuxnut) ki kheer or delicacies are inevitably an incredible option to consume or even can be used as an offering to lord Shiva during Mahashivratri.

    Makhane ki Kheer is an Indian dessert that serves as an incredible food option during Mahashivratri fasts. With the goodness of Foxnuts, the benefits of almonds, and other dry fruits, this food option will surely top your list of favorites.

    Satvic Lassi

    Satvic Lassi is a traditional Indian beverage and can be considered to be a great food option while observing Mahashivratri fast. People who prefer a liquid and an easy-to-digest diet can have Satvic Lassi. It is made of curd which is known for its cooling properties. A glass of lassi is super rich in probiotics, and calcium and is a wonderful source of hydration.

    If you are someone who loves to add flavor to your glass of Lassi, Satvic Foods’ Jeera Buttermilk Masala can be your healthy and best pick. It's super easy to make in the comfort of your home with just two simple ingredients - curd and Satvic Foods’ Jeera Buttermilk Masala.

    satvic foods mahashivratri fast 2024

    Celebrate Mahashivratri with Satvic Foods

    Mahashivratri is observed as the ultimate day of devotion and celebration for every Shiv devotee. From observing fasts to carrying out multiple rituals, Mahashivratri brings a sense of mindfulness and peace to all the devotees.

    Fasting during Mahashivratri may seem like a difficult job but with the right diet and food choices, the process can be made easier. This comprehensive guide by Satvic Foods brings you a clear and easy vision to maintain a healthy and happy fasting period.


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