Milk Masala: Top 7 Milk Masala Brands In India For Children


Milk Masala: Top 7 Milk Masala Brands In India For Children

Most of us are petrified when it comes to drinking milk. Be it the taste or the smell, a lot of us find it difficult to include it in our regular diet. However, the health benefits of milk cannot be denied as it plays a crucial role in uplifting multiple health conditions. Therefore, just like there are some fantastic pickle brands in India, Satvic Foods brings you a list of the top 7 milk masala brands so that drinking milk is no longer a challenge but a joyride.

Milk masala powders are found in abundance. However, it is important to get your hands on the most authentic and natural ingredients to make your cup of milk a super drink for you and your family. But before we have a look at the top brands of milk masalas, let us briefly discuss the benefits of milk masalas below.

Benefits of Milk Masala

Milk Masalas are one of the most loved drinks in India and are common in almost every season. Keeping aside its ethereal flavor, scent, and taste, it has immense health benefits both for adults and kids. 

It wouldn't be wrong to state that milk masalas have become a savior for every parent whose kids struggle day in and day out to finish a glass of milk. Milk masalas or flavored milk are indeed one of the best alternatives to milk powders and are a great option to serve your kids and provide them with a wholesome drink.

Let's have a look at some of the primary health benefits of Milk masalas:

  1. Milk Masalas primarily consist of dry fruits and nuts. The benefits of nuts and dry fruits in our diet cannot go unnoticed as they store energy and essential minerals. 
  2. Milk Masalas contain almonds in significant proportions, and the benefits of almonds are familiar across the globe. Besides boosting energy, they are loaded with multiple vitamins and minerals essential for our immunity.
  3. Another component of milk masalas is crushed cashews. Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, and Vitamins B6, K, and E are essentially present in cashews, making them a great source of antioxidants.
  4. Cardamon, a magic ingredient in milk masala, has immense health benefits and is used as a common spice in every Indian household. Conditions such as constipation, heartburn, bloating, acidity, and even nausea can be treated with just cardamon.
  5. Milk masala contains saffron, a medicinal component with multiple underlying health benefits. From acting as an antidepressant to being a great source of antioxidants, the benefits of saffron are immeasurable.
  6. Lastly, milk masala is incomplete without the primary ingredient, milk. Milk is rich in calcium and is great for your teeth and bones. Besides, milk also contains potassium, which supports good blood pressure.
  7. Milk masala is a great way to make milk tastier, especially for kids, as it adds sweetness and flavor to a glass of milk with a good amount of protein and calcium.

Top 7 Milk Masala Brands In India

Milk masala is a common name among many who find it challenging and difficult to drink plain milk. However, it isn't easy to find the right ingredients for milk masala, especially when you need to use it for your kids and family.

There are multiple brands and companies that sell milk masalas that are often coated with preservatives and additive colors but wrapped with organic covers. Sugar, as one of the major ingredients, is usually a primary content in many milk masalas, making it an inappropriate choice for those who keep a count of their sugar intake.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the list of ingredients first and then choose wisely among those free of artificial flavors. To help you make better choices, Satvic Foods brings you this comprehensive guide to deliver you the most genuine and authentic research about the top Milk masala brands in India.

That is why we have the table below to help you compare and choose from the best. 





Satvic Foods Golden Milk Masala

Turmeric, Green Cardamon, Almonds, Cashews, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper

100 gms for 499 INR


Satvic Foods Chocolate Milk Masala

Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Muskmelon Seeds, Dry fruits, Nutmeg, Cocoa Powder

100 gms for 499 INR


Satvic Foods Kesaari Thandai Mix

Watermelon Seeds, Muskmelon Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Fennel Seeds, Khas-Khas, Dry Rose Petals, Pistachio, Green Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cinnamon. Saffron

100 gms for 499 INR


Everest Milk Masala

Dry Fruits, Aromatic Spices, Saffron

100 gms for 418 INR


Badshah Milk Masala

Almond, Nutmeg, Cardamon, and Saffron 

100 gms for 395 INR


Sri Sri Tattva Milk Masala

Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Saffron, Mace

50 gms for 205 INR


Sadabahar Milk Masala

Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Saffron, Cardamon

100 gms for 210 INR


Note: All the above ratings of different milk masala brands are acquired from the brand's and Google reviews. These ratings are subject to change and modifications.

Satvic Foods Golden Milk Masala

While talking about milk masalas, Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala tops our recommendation for its incredible natural properties and the health benefits associated with it. The Golden Milk Masala by Satvic Foods is an excellent jar that contains the goodness of 20+ natural ingredients and is a wholesome drink in itself. 

Golden Milk Masala b Satvic Foods is an excellent choice for all those who find it difficult to include milk in their everyday diet. Its creamy flavor and nutty scent make it not just a healthy drink but also a tasty beverage for many.

Having said that, the Golden Milk Masala by Satvic Foods has some of the best handpicked natural ingredients that make it a powerful drink for you and your family. Let's have a look at some of the main ingredients in detail below.

Main Ingredients Of Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala


There is absolutely no need to mention anything about the benefits of turmeric because we all know what a wonder food it is. Turmeric is one of the best ingredients that you may find in this bottle of goodness, and it makes the Golden Milk Masala an incredible drink for many.


Almonds, being one of the most widely used dry fruits, is a powerhouse of nutrients and protein. It immensely helps in building stronger immunity and in regulating blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Green Cardamon 

Green cardamon is another spice found in every Indian kitchen. The miraculous health benefits of green cardamon are vast and extensive. It plays a major role in boosting digestion and balancing the blood sugar levels in our body.


Cashews are another great ingredient that not only adds a great flavor to the drink but also aids in building better cognitive functions and stronger immunity. The benefits of cashews cannot be underestimated as it is primarily rich in iron, magnesium bioactive properties, and many other antioxidant properties.

Pros of Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala
  • The benefits of drinking turmeric milk or golden milk are undeniable. Because of the presence of turmeric in it, it has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent several free-moving radicals and infections in the body.
  • It promotes sleep and induces relaxation. 
  • It comprises all-natural ingredients and is free from artificial additives and colors.
  • It doesn't contain added sugar; therefore, it is absolutely safe for people with diabetic conditions.

Cons of Satvic Foods’ Golden Milk Masala

  • Satvic Foods Golden Milk Masala is free of sugar, and therefore, you may need to add additive sweeteners such as honey or maple syrups to enhance the taste.    

Satvic Foods’ Chocolate Milk Masala

The Chocolate Milk Masala by Satvic Foods is another incredible milk masala made with 100% natural and authentic ingredients. It's a wholesome, tasty option for kids and adults who want to add an extra flavor to their glasses of milk. 

The Chocolate milk masala is a healthy alternative to many other chocolate milk powders found in the markets that are loaded with sugar and other added preservatives. Satvic Foods Chocolate Milk Masala, rich in nutrients, is an excellent treat for children and parents who want to indulge in something sweet and healthy.

Let's have a look at some of its major ingredients below.

  • Watermelon Seeds
  • Muskmelon Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Almonds and Cashews
  • Green Cardamon
  • Nutmeg 
  • Cocoa Powder

Pros of Satvic Foods Chocolate Milk Masala

  • Boosts immunity and improves cognitive development
  • Helps in better digestion
  • Great source of energy
  • An excellent choice for kids as the chocolate flavor adds a cherry on top.

Cons Of Satvic Foods Chocolate Milk Masala

  • All Satvic Foods products are made of 100% natural ingredients and are free of preservatives. Therefore, you might not get the perfect creamy chocolate milk that you buy from the market. Still, this glass of chocolate milk is undoubtedly going to be your favorite if you’re looking for a healthier and tasty option.

Satvic Foods Kesari Thandai Mix

Satvic Foods’ Kesari Thandai mix is a must-try if you want an easy and quick recipe to fill your stomach. It is a perfect mixture of 14 natural ingredients that help you keep your nutritional needs in place, hence maintaining a balanced and healthy gut. 

The Kesari Thandai Recipe by Satvic Food can suggest to you that it is not just a drink but also an amazing flavored one that can help you maintain a healthy diet and cooler gut, especially when you are fasting during different Indian festivities.

satvic foods kesari thandai masala mix

Let's have a look at some of the primary ingredients of Kesari Thandai Mix by Satvic Foods in brief: 

  • Green Cardamon
  • Black Pepper
  • Fennel Seeds
  • Rose Petals
  • Dry Ginger
  • Almond and Cashews

Pros of Kesari Thandai Mix By Satvic Foods

  • It is great for digestion
  • Helps in reducing inflammation
  • Free of external preservatives and color
  • Zero added sugar and therefore can be consumed by people with diabetic conditions.

Cons of Kesari Thandai Mix by Satvic Foods

  • As the Kesari Thandai Mix by Satvic Foods is free from preservatives, you may need to add external sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup.
  • Unlike the thandai found in markets that have a creamy texture to it, Satvic Foods Kesari Thandai Mix can be a little different from those as the process of making it can be a little tedious.

Everest Kesari Milk Masala

Everest’s Kesari Milk Masala has the perfect blend of dry fruits and aromatic spice that makes it a choice of drink for all age groups. It can be used with warm as well as chilled milk and ca be used to garnish kulfi, ras malai, or other Indian desserts.


  • Dry fruits
  • Aromatic Spices
  • Saffron

Pros of Everest Kesari Milk Masala

  • It is free from preservatives.
Cons of Everest Kesari Milk Masala
  • No detailing of ingredients mentioned // NEEDS UPDATION

Badshah Kesari Milk Masala

Badshah Kesari Milk Masala is another addition to your daily routine. It is a great way to enhance the taste and nutritive value of your milk as it is made of natural ingredients.

It has the purity of saffron and richness of dry fruits that instantly boosts your energy and gives you freshness.


  • Almonds
  • Nutmeg.
  • Cardamon
  • Saffron

Pros of Badshah Kesari Milk Masala

  • It is made of natural ingredients and blends perfectly well with milk 
  • Rich in Aroma
Cons of Badshah Kesari Masala
  • Contains sugar

Sri Sri Tattva Milk Masala

The Milk Masala by Sri SrI Tattva adds flavor to everyday recipes. It is a great option to enhance the taste of your glass of milk and other Indian desserts. It has aromatic spices in it that contribute to a sensory experience. 


  • Almond
  • Cashew
  • Pistachios
  • Cardamon
  • Saffron
  • Mace
  • Nutmeg

Pros of Sri Sri Tattva Milk Masala

  • Consuming it before bedtime can help promote better sleep.

Cons of Sri Sri Tattva Milk Masala

  • The ingredient list does not specify the mention of added or naturally sourced sugar.

Sadabahar Milk Masala

Sadabahar Milk Masala is enriched with the goodness of premium quality dry fruits and saffron, which makes it a favorite drink of many. It is free of artificial preservatives and added sugar, which makes it a pure choice for you and your family.

It can be used as a topping for Kheer, Shrikhand, Kulfi, etc., to bring about a creamy texture and rich taste. Besides giving a twist to your regular sweet and desserts, the Sadabahar Milk Masala can be used to prepare different types of smoothies and shakes.

  • Cashew 
  • Almond
  • Pistachios
  • Cardamon 
  • Saffron

Pros of Sadabahar Milk Masala

  • Free of artificial preservatives and zero added sugar
Cons of Sadabahar Milk Masala
  • Contain added food color.

Try Milk Masala With Satvic Foods

The benefits of drinking turmeric milk are undeniable, no more under the covers. Milk being a common food element in every Indian households is often neglected by many , especially kids due to its blatant taste. Therefore milk masalas are a great way to enhance the taste of milk as they adda lot of flavor and nutritional value to it too

This elaborative guide by Satvic Foods aims to bring you the top brands of milk masalas in India are are widely accepted by millions and are a common name in every Indian kitchen. To experience more such authentic products from Satvic Foods based on your nutritional needs and requirements, try out our health quiz today. 

FAQ’s About Milk Masala

What are the benefits of milk masala powder? 

Milk Masalas are loaded with dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios which that helps to enrich the milk which acts as an antioxidant. It also regulates heart rate and are high in Vitamin E and Zinc.

What is in Kesari Milk Masala?

Kesari Milk Masala consists of Kesar or saffron as the prime ingredient. It adds a natural color and flavor to the milk and also enhances the taste

Can we take milk masala everyday?

Yes milk masala can be taken everyday both by adults and kids. Milk masalas are mixed with several aromatic spices that adds flavor and is also a healthier alternative to other packaged beverages. However, it is better if you ca get your hands on the brands that are 100% natural and free of additives.


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Golden Milk Masala

Satvic Foods' Golden Milk Masala is a perfect blend of more than 20 nourishing ingredients that are meticulously chosen for their unique health benefits. It is a natural and delicious way to improve immunity, enhance digestion, and reduce inflammation.

Our Golden Milk Masala is made with 100% natural ingredients, has zero added sugar, and is free from preservatives, making it a healthier alternative to other beverages.