Women's Health in 2023: Wellness, Fitness, Mental Health in Women


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Women's health and wellness should be of utmost importance in the modern world. Often treated only as women's reproductive health, it's time we, as a society, understand that women's health comprehends their all-around physical and women's mental health. Women in today's society are no longer restricted to just household chores.

In fact, according to research data published by Statista Research Department on March 19, 2021, the share of women's participation at work will be around 36 percent in 2021. The number is growing remarkably every year. Most women nowadays are shouldering the dual responsibility of homemakers and working individuals.

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Yet, when it comes to health and wellness, many women, face heavy gender biases and are subsequently more likely to experience disadvantages throughout their lives. Malnutrition, lack of basic sanitization, pre-emptive healthcare measures, unhealthy lifestyle, and food choices all contribute to the poor health condition of women.


Importance of Women's Health

Working outside doesn't mean women do not take care of their families. Today, women perform two full-time jobs at the workplace and home. Women nowadays are becoming keepers of the home, planners of family events, errand runners, and bill payers.

But, because of the many roles women play today, they are too often focused on the health and wellness of their spouse or children, neglecting their own needs. Because of this, improving women's health should be added as a primary agenda in every woman's to-do list.

Health Issues Specific to Women's Health

A recent survey reveals that, as Indian women continue their endeavor to achieve the best in their life and profession, they tend to neglect their health. Although both men and women are affected by various health conditions, some health issues are more common to women. They are:

  • Heart Disease: Nowadays, more women are affected by heart disease than breast or cervical cancer. In earlier times, cases of heart attacks were exclusive to post-menopausal women. But in today's society, even younger women seem to suffer from them. Hectic schedules and excess smoking and drinking, increased use of oral contraceptives, irregular meal times, binging on junk food, and lack of exercise are all tolls on modern women's health. Do not ignore symptoms like -- shortness of breath (with or without chest discomfort); pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw, or stomach; breaking out in a cold sweat; nausea or light-headedness.
  • Breast Cancer: Breast cancer mainly originates in the lining of the milk ducts in a female body. It is the most aggressive form of cancer that can spread rapidly to other organs. Breast cancer is more commonly diagnosed among female populations in developed nations due to their extended life spans.
  • Ovarian and Cervical Cancer: Most people are not aware of the differences between ovarian and cervical cancer. While Cervical cancer originates in the lower uterus, ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tubes. While both conditions cause similar pain, cervical cancer may also cause discharge and pain during intercourse.
  • Immunization: Vaccinations are one of the most effective ways to prevent preventable diseases' life-threatening short- and long-term effects. Yet, gender bias plays a major role, in India with girls reportedly receiving fewer vaccines than boys.
  • Malnutrition: India is among the countries with the highest rates of malnourished females in the developing world. This is mainly because women do not give too much importance to their nutritional needs and become more susceptible to contagious diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis. Poor nutrition can also have adverse effects on maternal health and the health of babies.
  • Maternal Healthcare: Lack of proper nutrition, poor lifestyle choices, too much stress, smoking, and drinking during pregnancy result in children's poor health and the mother's ability to lead full, productive lives nowadays.
  • Menstrual Hygiene: Even today, a large percent of the population still associates women's menstrual cycle with uncleanliness. It is usually a taboo topic, making it difficult even for modern women to break out of. Even today, millions of women in India do not have access to proper washrooms, making them prone to infections, rashes, and discomfort, especially during these vulnerable times.
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Autoimmune disease occurs when body cells that eliminate threats, such as viruses, and infections start attacking the healthy cells. This condition is more common in women than men. Symptoms include -- Exhaustion, Mild fever, Pain, Skin irritation, Vertigo, etc
  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis means the weakening of bones that makes them break easily. Several factors can cause the condition that mostly affects women's health, such as -- Age, Alcohol consumption, Genetics, Lack of exercise, Low body mass, Smoking, Steroid use, etc.
  • Women's Mental Health: Depression and anxiety are affecting more women than men nowadays. Reasons could be many like- trauma, grief, love and relationship troubles, genetic, alcohol consumption, obesity, hormones, etc. Hormonal changes, particularly after pregnancy (postpartum) or around menopause, can trigger this condition.


Mental health, 2022, both in men and women, should be taken as seriously as physical health. Do not ignore symptoms like frequent bouts of crying, sleep disturbance, weight loss, a feeling of guilt, and sadness- seek guidance immediately.


Ways To Improve Women's Health

While women are playing an important role in the socio-economic upliftment in the modern era, it is time for them to take charge of their health and wellness. Most women's health issues can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes and adopting preventive measures. These are:

  • Get Moving: Exercise has more than one benefit. It can aid digestion while keeping obesity, heart diseases, and even depression at bay. It is also good for bone health. No matter how busy you are, aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of workout sessions at least four days per week. It doesn't even have to be in the gym. Take up activities you enjoy, like- walking around the park, yoga, dancing, or swimming
  • Eat Well: Try incorporating healthy, homecooked meals into your daily diet. Prepare your food with natural homemade masalas to help enhance the nutritional values of the food you intake. For those busy women, who do not have time to prepare the masalas, Satvic Foods' Indian Spices range can be an asset. From Rajwadi Garam Masala to Delhi Pav-Bhaji Masala, the wide range of Indian Spices from Satvic Foods can help you prepare healthy and tasty food at home in no time.
  • Stay Well Hydrated: With so much going on in their life, women often ignore the hydration part. Staying hydrated keeps us healthy and also helps in losing weight. Start your day with a glass of warm water and include turmeric milk or cinnamon milk as your nighttime beverage. It is the easiest way to include the medicinal properties of turmeric and cinnamon in our daily routine while they aid in getting better sleep. Make them fresh every night, or try out Satvic Foods Golden Milk Masala as an easy alternative.
  • Say No To The Junk: Sugary drinks and junk foods are full of empty calories, leading to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Avoid junk food and opt for healthy beverages like coconut water, masala tea, or fresh fruit juices. Try adding Our wide range of Kadak Chai Masala, Coffee Spice Mix to your regular coffee or tea, and get your daily dose of immunity boosters while adding extra flavor to your beverages.
  • Take Care of Your Mental Health: Managing stress is a great way to start caring for women's mental health. Meditation, breathing, talk therapy, exercise, nature therapy are great ways of reducing stress and taking care of mental health. If you feel low or have self-doubt, talk to your loved ones or seek professional guidance.
  • Sleep: Women need at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night to function optimally. But sleep can be challenging for many women, particularly those experiencing pre-menopause/menopause or postpartum symptoms. Having turmeric milk before bed can be helpful in this regard.
  • Practice Self-Care: Self-care does not have to be complicated or expensive. It can simply mean taking a long hot bath to de-stress, scheduling a 20 minutes naptime in the afternoon, or maybe spending 15 minutes each day reading your favorite book. Whatever makes you happy. Do it. Taking care of yourself should begin with being happy.
  • Go For Regular Check-ups: No matter your health condition, never skip medical check-ups. Remember, most women's health issues can be prevented with early detection and proactive healthcare measures.
  • Practice Proper Hygiene Routine: Women are more prone to UTI and allergies due to improper grooming and hygiene habits. Therefore, hygiene practices must be taught to women from an early age.


Final words on Women's Health

According to an article in Times of India, Women play a vital role in our society. Taking care of Women's health will ensure a healthy family, community, and therefore a healthy nation. At each stage of a woman's life, important preventative steps and healthy habits must be followed to ensure their all-around wellness. We hope the above health tips on women's health can help the modern era women live happier, healthier lives.


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