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Herbal Immunity Kadha

Herbal Immunity Kadha

Rs. 499.00Rs. 349.00
Looking for a natural and effective way to boost your immunity? Look no further than Satvic Foods' Herbal Immunity Kadha! Made with over 13 potent herbs and spices, including fennel...
Indian Sambhar Masala

Indian Sambhar Masala

Rs. 399.00Rs. 299.00
Satvic Foods' Indian Sambhar Masala is the perfect addition to your kitchen if you're a fan of traditional South Indian cuisine. Made with a combination of Toor Dal, Urad Dal,...
Jeera Buttermilk Masala

Jeera Buttermilk Masala

Rs. 299.00
Satvic Foods' Jeera Buttermilk Masala is a perfect blend of carefully chosen ingredients that not only enhance the flavor but also provide numerous health benefits. Ingredients Jeera, Rock Salt, Black...
satvic foods kadak chai masala

Kadak Chai Masala

Rs. 299.00 – Rs. 699.00
Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala is a blend of 100% natural ingredients carefully curated to give you the perfect cup of chai. Our Kadak Chai Masala is made with 100%...
Kadak Chai Masala & Coffee Spice Mix

Kadak Chai Masala & Coffee Spice Mix

Rs. 1,098.00Rs. 699.00
Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala & Coffee Spice Mix combo is for those who start their day with a hot cup of coffee and end it by enjoying a cup...
satvic foods kesari thandai masala mix

Kesari Thandai Mix

Rs. 499.00 – Rs. 699.00
Satvic Foods Kesari Thandai Mix is the perfect drink for the hot summer season. Kesari Thandai Mix is made with 14 natural ingredients, including watermelon seeds, muskmelon seeds, almonds, cashews,...
kadak chai kesari thandai by satvic foods

Kesari Thandai Mix & Kadak Chai Masala (Combo Offer)

Rs. 1,250.00Rs. 848.00
Satvic Foods' Kadak Chai Masala is a blend of 100% natural ingredients carefully curated to give you the perfect cup of chai. Our Kadak Chai Masala is made with 100% natural...
satvic foods protein dry fruits balls

Protein Dry Fruits Ball

Rs. 499.00 – Rs. 799.00
Introducing the Protein Dry Fruits Ball from Satvic Foods, a power-packed blend of all-natural and nutrient-rich ingredients that are perfect for those who want to add some extra protein and...
satvic foods rajwadi garam masala

Rajwadi Garam Masala

Rs. 599.00Rs. 399.00
Rajwadi Garam Masala by Satvic Foods is an exquisite blend of 30 different spices that brings a richness of flavors and nutrients to your everyday meals. This unique spice blend...
satvic foods kachori masala

Samosa Kachori Mix

Rs. 599.00Rs. 299.00
Satvic Foods’ Samosa Kachori Mix is a unique masala powder with the richness of Dry Ginger, Turmeric, Pomegranate Seeds, and others that makes your everyday paratha delicious and healthier. We have...
satvic foods trial packs

Satvic Masala Combo (Set of 8)

Rs. 299.00
Introducing the Satvic Masala Combo - a trial packet from Satvic Foods that allows customers to try our signature blends in smaller packets. This combo includes four of our most...
satvic foods shikakai hair powder

Shikakai Hair Therapy Powder

Rs. 1,499.00Rs. 699.00
Satvic Foods presents Shikakai Hair Therapy Powder, a natural and chemical-free solution for your hair. This unique blend of herbs and seeds is enriched with essential nutrients that provide your...